Wine as an expression of the landscape

Unique PLOTS

Behind every great wine there is an exceptional vineyard.


We are very fortunate to be able to make the GEN ONE wines with grapes from truly special vineyards.


These grapevines were planted by previous generations of winegrowers, and their unique, nigh on perfect, quality has been handed down to us as a living legacy.

El Vínculo

Located in the picturesque setting of the Almansa reservoir at an altitude of 800 metres, just where the balmier climate of the Mediterranean corridor meets the harsher continental climate of the plateau.


The vines grow on loamy clay and chalky soils, sharing the land with almond, olive and walnut trees, in the midst of Mediterranean shrubland. Nature and crops grow side by side in perfect harmony.


From this estate we harvest the best Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, grown on stony ground and giving very low yields, resulting in wines of intense concentration and tannins that offer great ageing potential.

Los Aljibes

This is a 4-hectare plot of exceptional Verdejo grapes. Nestling in a small hollow with sandy soil some 900 metres above sea level and influenced by the continental climate, these unirrigated vines produce very low yields. It is here, from the best part of this plot, that we select the best clusters each year.


This land once lay beneath the sea. The salinity of the soils, together with the aromatic shrubs of the surrounding undergrowth, add mineral nuances and high grassland aromas to the herbaceous character of the Verdejo. This is without question the best and most expressive Verdejo wine produced in the area.

Los Cuchillos

At the highest point of the Almansa region, standing 920 metres above sea level, we find the venerable ungrafted, unirrigated vines of this estate.

These vines carry the original genes of the native varieties of the area: Monastrell and Garnacha Tintorera. Rooted in our land for decades, they offer us their true, timeless character.

This unique landscape, where the earth is chalkier and more rugged and the grapevines are at the limit of their capacity to survive, yielding less than a kilo of fruit per vine from which we select the very best, purest grapes, is what gives our GEN ONE Red its true and authentic character.


Altitude 800 m

3 distinctive plots

100 km from the Mediterranean

+45 ºC maximum, -10 ºC minimum

460 mm annual rainfall

2,800 hours of sunshine